Exchange students part 2

5.  Prepare to pay more than you would think – but not too much

In Copenhagen we have problems with the housing situation – I guess like they do in a lot of other big cities. Therefore, the prices can be pretty high – especially considering the tight budget most people have to keep when studying.

However, if the prices are TOO high – this can also be a sign that something suspicious is going on!

We have had problems with what we call “bolighajer” ( directly translated: housing-sharks).

For us Danes, one of the very clear signs that something sneaky is going on, is that a lot of them speak English, and not a word of Danish – however, for clear reasons, you will not be able to notice that! So instead, if they ask for a deposit that is waaay to high, you feel like they avoid your questions, or if you feel like the offer is waaaay too good to be true, then it probably is.

6. Use your best assets!

There is the possibility of writing to the specific “kollegier”. You can often find their contact information on their website. If you are running out of options, there is always the possibility of simply putting a face on the number and telling them your story. Tell them why you would be such a good addition to their housings, and that it is impossible for you to commute, since you live in xxxx. It is not guaranteed that this will help, but it’s worth the try!

Besides from this – I have made two lists of “kollegier”. The first one is a list of the cheapest kollegier. The second one is a listing of the “secret kollegier” where you have to write an application to be written on their waiting list.
The lists are in Danish – but you can still use the links (and maybe some hopeless google translate).

7. Find the various Facebook groups
In these groups it is very common to write a personal message about your living situation. Preferably you can make it a bit more interesting by making a video or designing your own picture that speaks for you. In these groups anything goes – and the more creative and special the better – the key focus is to get noticed, so basically you need to sell yourself! 

Bolig til leje i København
køb, salg, byt, leje og udleje huse lejligheder og fast ejendom i København
Lejligheder, værelser til leje og udleje i KBH 
Lejebolig til unge og studerende
Lejligheder til salg og leje i København

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Jeg hedder Nanna Vedel-Hertz, er 23 år gammel og læser historie og Kultur- og sprogmødestudier på Roskilde universitet. Lige nu bor jeg i Ordrup i en 4-værelses lejlighed, med to fyre; min bedste ven og min kæreste.

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